Hearing Aid Compatible Assistive Listening Devices

Hearing Aid Compatible Assistive Listening Devices

If you live with hearing loss perhaps you have come to realize that having the right accommodations can make a huge difference between successful communication and confusion. Sometimes it is just the right environment, with the right lighting so you can read body language, or the right level of quiet so you can hear what others are saying. These days technology can make a big difference in the ease in which you communicate. Hearing aids make a world of difference in navigating the world. These tiny electronic devices keep getting better at what they do, making it easier to hear in noisy settings, suppressing wind, and masking tinnitus. Not only are hearing aids becoming more advanced but also they are becoming compatible with other devices and technological advances to make hearing with hearing aids a truly interactive listening experience

Hearing Loss and Bluetooth Technology

These days we are surrounded with more technology than ever before. Most of us have gotten used to using our smartphones, not only for telephone calls, but searching the Internet, listening to music and navigation. Many hearing aids of today are equipped to interact with your smartphone. Using Bluetooth technology you no longer have to fiddle with the volume or wires and dongles to hear your smartphone. This can cause unneeded distraction that could put your safety at risk. Now with Bluetooth connectivity, sound from your Smartphone can send information directly to your hearing aids so you can hear with the most ease.

There are also Smart TVs with this capability making the need to crank up the volume on your home entertainment system a thing of the past. You can watch your favorite television programs and movies and have the sound streamed directly to your ears. This eliminates the need to strain to hear or mess with the volume of your hearing aids, risking feedback.

Assistive Listening Devices

Even if your phone or your hearing aids do not have Bluetooth technology there are still many options that make it easier for you to navigate the world using hearing aids. Bluetooth enabled hearing aids are fairly new and perhaps you are not ready to upgrade your hearing aids just yet. ALD’s (assistive listening devices) are personal amplifiers that are used to increase volume in one on one conversations, small group conversations and listening to media such as your TV or phone. They are small boxes with both a microphone and listening cord connected to them, which can be shared by both talker and listener. ALD’s can help you interact with devices that can classically be a challenge to use with hearing aids such as your television and phone. An Assistive Listening Device is not a hearing aid, but it will assist you in hearing better. It is important that if you are investing in ALD that it is tailored to your specific manner of hearing loss.

ALD’s can be used on their own, but when combined with hearing aids will improve your listening experience by bridging the gaps in your hearing. There are three kinds of ALD’s that deliver high fidelity sound to your ears, to supplement a loss in hearing including, talking on the phone, watching TV, and having in-person conversations.

In-Person Conversations: If hearing loss is putting a strain on your relationships due to poor communication there are ADL’s that amplifies sounds close to you, and reduces background sounds. If used correctly these small devices will make it so you won’t have to struggle thru conversations in quiet or noisy environments

Phone Calls: ALD’s used for phone calls focus on improving the clarity of a call by amplifying sounds, improving sound quality, and eliminating feedback. There are models used to replace your telephone with larger buttons and display screens for a truly user-friendly experience.

Watching TV ALD specifically for watching television connects directly to your TV and transmits sounds to personal listening devices such as earbuds or headphones.

Don’t Let Hearing Loss Stop You!

If you think you are living with hearing loss, don’t let it slow you down. It’s best to make an appointment with Pacific Hearing Care to find out more about what options you have to make hearing a stress free experience.