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ReSound is a Danish company that has been manufacturing high-quality hearing solutions since 1943. ReSound is part of the GN corporation, a business built on Denmark’s Great Northern Telegraph Company, founded in 1869. GN has become an industry frontrunner in cutting edge audio solutions throughout its history, being the parent company to ReSound and the sister brand Jabra that works to develop new solutions in headsets, headphones, noise cancellation and personal listening.

ReSound ONE

ReSound ONE™ with M&RIE (Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear) introduces a new class of hearing aids* with a microphone and receiver positioned inside the ear, so patients can collect the whole sound environment just as nature intended.

  • M&RIE - Our most natural sound quality
  • All Access Directionality - Get greater hearing in any environment
  • Ultra Focus - The best one-to-one hearing experience
Resound ONE

ReSound ENZO Q™

The complete hearing solution for severe-to-profound hearing loss

Meet a complete hearing solution that is beyond powerful. ReSound ENZO Q our most advanced technology for severe-to-profound hearing loss was created for you to enjoy clear and comfortable sound, plus extensive options for connectivity and support.

As clarity of sounds is highly important, you can personalize your hearing experience to suit your preferences. Feel comfortable knowing that there won’t be whistling or squealing noises even when your hearing aid volume is ramped up.

ReSound ENZO Q

ReSound LiNX Quattro

Although they have known for many great hearing models over the years, their latest ReSound LiNX Quattro offering is the first 'Premium Plus' hearing solution in the world. With streaming technology, cloud-based remote fine-tuning and cutting-edge rechargeable battery, this is their most advanced model yet.

Recently, the company revamped this model to become the first smart hearing aid to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in combination with Apple's Siri assistant. The model now has the ability to use AI to learn and automatically adjust to your listening habits and settings as time goes by. Using Siri voice assistant, you can change settings with orders like "Siri, turn the volume in my left ear."

Integrated with an Android or iOS app, Siri offers various ways to modify noise cancelation and wind suppression filters, volume control or even turn on a directional microphone. It also enables you to wirelessly make phone calls and stream music and TV.


Resound GN AppThe main line of ReSound products are their LiNX 3D and Quattro models. These hearing aids utilize the latest in ReSound audio technology. Incorporating noise cancellation and advanced microphone management, ReSound hearing aids deliver the advantage of what they call “Binaural Directionality III” to navigate complicated sound environments.

Convenient, sustainable options are also at the forefront of what ReSound offers. LiNX models are available with rechargeable lithium ion battery power for long lasting, easy to maintain power. LiNX also offers smart controls via a suite of apps that make the most of your hearing aids. Easy to use interfaces give you control over sound input, battery power, streaming sources, noise cancellation and even software updates and technical support.

People looking for a way to manage their tinnitus can make use of the ReSound Relief app that makes available multiple approaches to subduing tinnitus. From effective soundscapes that neutralize intrusive noise, to guided meditation and breathing exercises, ReSound Relief takes a comprehensive approach to tinnitus care. The ReSound Relief app can be used separately from your hearing aids or stream directly to your ear canal for maximum tinnitus support.

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