Hearing aid consultations in Hawaii

Our licensed hearing aid specialist provides a professional, caring and personalized level of service. We listen to your needs because we care about making lives better. These different factors are considered when choosing the right hearing aid for you:

  • Lifestyle considerations - Determining the specific benefits you need
  • Model - The shape, size, and ease of handling of the hearing aid
  • Technology - The microprocessor features for each of our premium, advanced, and essential lines
  • Usage - Wearing hearing aids daily or extended
  • Cost - Finding the digital hearing aid that fits within your budget We address each factor in-depth in order to select the best hearing instrument for you. This will all be done during the consultation with our hearing aid specialist. In addition, it is best to ask any questions you have in mind for the specialist. We want to make sure you are fully confident before taking the journey toward better hearing.

Things to consider before your consultation:

Before coming in for your consultation. We recommend you consider the following:
  • Bring someone who knows you very well, such as a family member - Being accompanied during a consultation can be very reassuring. There is a lot of information given during the visit. It's best to have the same information than second-handed.
  • Having your ears cleaned and checked - Before the visit, we recommend having your ear canals examined to ensure they are healthy and free of any excessive ear wax and, if possible, a doctor's prescription for hearing aids.
  • Explaining the Difficulties - Explaining the type of problems you are having, for example, hearing your spouse, the TV, or children.
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