Hearing aid fittings in Hawaii

SigniaNothing is more important than a proper fitting. Since hearing loss is unique to every individual, it is recommend to see a specialist to choose the right hearing aid for you. With our licensed hearing aid specialist, we are confident to match you with a hearing instrument that you'll love.

What to expect:

During the hearing aid fitting process, the hearing aid specialist will guide you on choosing the right hearing aid for your needs. Pacific Hearing Care's hearing aid specialists will guide you through this critical decision process. We understand choosing the right hearing aid can be difficult since there is an enormous amount of information involved. Choosing the right hearing aid involves your hearing loss, technology levels, features, models, cost, and your lifestyle.

During the process:

Once the specialist and user agree on a selected model, proper verification must take place before fitting the hearing aid. The hearing aids must meet certain standards before being fitted. The specialist will check and undergo a series of tests before seeing the user. Next, the specialist will program the hearing aid(s) to meet the needs of the wearer. In addition, the specialist will provide the user instructions on the usage of hearing aids, maintenance & cleaning, and battery information. We are committed to make sure you are fully comfortable with the use and care of your hearing aids before you leave.
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Patient Trying on Hearing Aid near audiologist
Adjusting to your new hearing aids will take some time. It varies from person to person. Our professional staff will schedule follow-up appointment to review on the previous session.

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