Preventative maintenance for your hearing aids

At Pacific Hearing Care, we provide personal high quality hearing aid service throughout the Hawaiian islands. Hearing aids tend to require more professional maintenance in Hawaii than most geographical locations. This is usually due to the humidity resulting from Hawaii's year round tropical climate. As a consequence, internal moisture occurs inside your hearing aids causing degeneration of the hearing aids' circuitry that can lead to costly repairs. From time-to-time, ear-wax builds up inside the hearing aids' microphones, receivers, and vent ports, causing your hearing aids to perform poorly.

Our hearing instrument specialists use state of the art technology to thoroughly service and clean your hearing aids.


First, a Pacific Hearing Care Hearing Instrument Specialist will measure your hearing aids' battery drain, transducer functionality, and consistency of volume taper.


Second, any internal moisture inside your hearing aids will be removed by placing your hearing aids in the Aura-Care System's atmospheric pressure reduction chamber.

Electronic Testing

Third, your hearing aids will be examined with an electronic testing device using compact disc technology. This allows us to check if the device is working properly.

Like-New Appearance

Fourth, if needed, your hearing aids will be buffed and polished to give your hearing aids a like-new appearance. We can even drill your initials on custom hearing aids.

Hearing aids we work with: