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Searching for a hearing aid can be very confusing with literally hundreds of products to choose from. Our goal is to provide you a hearing aid that match your palette. Our licensed hearing aid specialist is well aware about different products of most manufactures. The specialist can determine which make and model is more suitable for you. Following is a list of the world’s leading brands, with information about themselves and their latest flagship products.

Styletto Connect

One of the latest innovations from Signia is their Styletto Connect hearing aid model which revamps standard Behind-the-Ear devices to create a slender pendant design that will have you excited to slip them on each day. The Styletto is revolutionary in hearing aid technology, combining a stylish form with full connectivity and on the go charging. The pocket-sized portable charging case will change the way you think about hearing aid batteries, and with a quick charge you’ll be able to enjoy a full day of hearing along with several hours of streaming. Not only that, but with a regular charge, you’ll be able to enjoy 4 days of power, so you can easily head out of town for the weekend without worrying about packing cables, plugs, or chargers for your hearing aids.
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Otion OPN S

The latest technology from Oticon is their sleek new Opn S hearing aids. Following on the heels of the amazing Opn technology that Oticon users know and love, the Opn S takes sound experience to the next level with their new Velox S platform. This platform gives you a whole new experience in hearing, delivering speech understanding that matches normal hearing. This technology does far more than simply amplify sounds, it takes an active role in helping you hear, particularly in situations with a lot of background noise. You’ll easily following conversations, and spend less effort, so you can enjoy a party or family dinner without stressing about your hearing.

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Sonic Captivate Pro

Like Enchant, the Sonic Captivate Pro is a state-of-the-art hearing aid that will clarify the sound experience, both in real world settings and in the digital world. What makes this device so special is the SoundDNA platform from Sonic that allows the Captivate Pro to perform at its best. With programs and features that make it easy to hear, every listening environment will be crystal clear. One of the benefits of the Sonic Captivate Pro is the fact that the devices sense the listening environment, and will automatically adjust settings to adapt to the surroundings. There’s no need to manually change between programs and settings, and the SoundDNA platform will provide the best in flexible hearing aid technology. Captivate Pro is the best in Sonic technology, and includes the newly released Adaptive Feedback Canceller Pro program, controlling feedback in both stable and fast-changing sound conditions. Whether enjoying a picnic on a windy day, or are switching back and forth between different listening environments, there’s no need to worry about feedback.

The Captivate Pro also offers rechargeable technology, featuring a lithium-ion battery. These high-powered batteries provide a lot of power, but can be recharged extremely quickly, and a single three-hour charge will provide a full day of power. The Sonic Captivate Pro comes 4 models to suit every listening need, including Receiver in Canal and Behind the Ear technology, and features T-coil technology.
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