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At Pacific Hearing Care, we are proud to carry the innovative line of Signia hearing aids. The Signia brand is the future of long-standing global industry leader, Siemens. With the Signia brand, their parent company, Sivantos, builds on history and global recognition while introducing revolutionary advancements in hearing aid technology.


Meet Insio IX IIC/CIC, Signia's smallest and most discreet custom hearing aid, newly engineered to reduce background noise and keep you in the conversation. Enjoy the simplicity of a discreet, nearly invisible hearing aid that’s made for your ears. Experience significant improvements in every conversation with the new and improved Insio IX, expertly designed to enhance speech in noisy environments.

Better sound

Upgraded to Signia's latest hearing technology platform for optimized sound quality.

Small and discreet

Available in Completely-in-Canal (CIC) and Invisible-in-Canal (IIC) models.

Enhanced focus

Engineered to focus on what matters, leave background noise in the background, and keep you in the conversation.
contactless charger

Styletto IX

This sleek hearing aid, equipped with advanced technology, is a stylish and distinctive choice. Embrace your style and fully participate in conversations with confidence.

Styletto IX is different from your ordinary hearing aid. It harnesses the full power of Signia Integrated Xperience with RealTime Conversation Enhancement technology to keep you connected with conversations, no matter how busy they get. Enjoy its comfortable fit, all-day battery life, personalized control, and enhanced connectivity.

All this and super slim.

Pure Charge&Go IX

Pure Charge&Go IX hearing aids are the easiest way to enjoy group conversations again. They’re designed to fit snuggly into your ear and help you listen and contribute effortlessly. Capture conversation in all its glory with a hearing aid that harnesses the full power of Signia Integrated Xperience with RealTime Conversation Enhancement Technology, to keep you involved no matter how busy it gets. Enjoy its comfortable fit, easy-to-use tactile push button, enhanced connectivity - and more.
Signia Motion

Engage in conversation

Excels in enhancing speech within a noisy group conversation scenario, outperforming four top competitors.

Boost communication in real-time

Increased social interaction has a positive impact on mental well-being. Own Voice Processing 2.0 not only ensures your own voice sounds just right, it helps you engage in more conversations.

Adjust in real-time

The Signia Assistant is your friendly AI helper, offering 24/7 support for sound customization and troubleshooting.

Futureproof connectivity

Signia's devices are ready for the future Bluetooth LE Audio standard. *Requires a future firmware update.

Power for all-day conversations

A reliable rechargeable battery ensures you never miss a word. And the charging case lets you charge on the go.

Tailor to your hearing

A user-friendly mobile app allows you to adjust settings to your hearing needs, making every conversation count.

Silk Charge&Go IX

Silk Charge&Go IX, a tiny, snug hearing aid, goes unnoticed while offering advanced noise-cancellation technology. Designed for comfort, ease of use, and recharging, it fits seamlessly into your lifestyle and is controllable via a smartphone app.
Active Pro X


Experience the satisfaction of a near-invisible device that's ready to wear and improve your hearing from day one.

All-day power

Enjoy the convenience of a rechargeable battery that powers your hearing all day. Plus, the case offers charging on-the-go.

Personalized control

Fine-tune your hearing aids to suit your unique hearing preferences with a user-friendly app.

Motion Charge&Go X

The new range of Signia Motion Charge&Go X hearing aids lets you take your performance to the next level. They feature revolutionary sensor technology that even recognizes when you're moving, ensuring that you experience everything going on around you as you go about your day.

Comparable in its small size to a 312- device, the new Motion Charge&Go X is the ultimate BTE combining sleek design with rechargeability, Bluetooth, and the Signia Assistant. It is flexible to fit, easy to use and comfortable to wear, making this an easy choice for those looking for convenience and robustness – all in one.

No more annoying battery changes - these modern all-around devices are rechargeable, delivering up to a whopping 61 hours of use on a single charge!

Signia Pure Charge and Go X

A long history of research and innovation.

While the Signia line of hearing aids may seem like the newest brand on the market, a long history of research and innovation stands behind them. Now based in North America, Siemens’s work with audio amplification began in 1878 in Berlin, Germany with the development of new receivers for telephones. In 1913 Siemens began working in hearing aid technology and has grown into an industry leader. The long track record for Siemens audiology and hearing aid products includes the first behind-the-ear designs. Acting as Sivantos Group, research and development from a wide range of hearing and audio research came into the Siemens fold, improving technology and durability.
Signia hearing aids and device
Signia Xperience

Xperience: Signia's most advanced model yet

The Signia Xperience is Signia's most advanced model yet, featuring a new system that incorporates the world's first integration of sophisticated acoustic sensors with an integrated motion sensor. Signia Xperience hearing aids can comprehensively analyze the complex soundscape of the wearer, facilitating seamless modifications to the customized listening experience in front of and around the wearer.

While other hearing technologies are unable to adjust as the user travels around to various listening environments, with YourSound technology the Signia Xperience platform can fill quickly respond to changes in the sound environment.

Signia hearing aid

The model still boasts many of the ground-breaking features of Signia’s previous models, including:

  • Dynamic Soundscape Processing for complex sound and speech synthesis from any direction, in any situation – even when in motion.
  • Own Voice Processing for a more natural-sounding own voice during use.

With a track record of reliable performance, Signia is making its mark with smart, stylish, modern designs.

Signia Hearing aidWith a track record of reliable performance, Signia is making its mark with smart, stylish, modern designs. Their Styletto model revamps the standard of behind-the-ear hearing aids with a slender pendant design and luxurious brushed metal finishes. With their Silk model, they’ve created a ready-to-wear hearing aid with powerful features and focused sound processing.

Signia has also boosted the flexibility and power of all their hearing aids with the new X line of technology. They have also introduced sustainable rechargeability with models like the Charge & Go X that uses rapid wireless induction charging and long-lasting lithium ion batteries.

Signia products offer nuanced sound performance that uses patented microphone placement to help replicate the priorities of natural hearing. Speech and conversation are foregrounded while other noise is relegated to the background, making communication easier, even in noisy environments like parties or restaurants.

In this era of new connectivity, Signia also leads the field in digital streaming sound. Models are available that incorporate Bluetooth technology as well as direct audio streaming from smartphones and other digital devices. Signia also offers tinnitus relief options with most products, based around tinnitus neutralizing white noise options and their exclusive Notch Therapy for long-term tinnitus management.

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