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At Pacific Hearing Care, we are proud to carry the innovative line of Signia hearing aids. The Signia brand is the future of long-standing global industry leader, Siemens. With the Signia brand, their parent company, Sivantos, builds on history and global recognition while introducing revolutionary advancements in hearing aid technology.

Insio Charge&Go AX

In another innovation milestone from Signia for the hearing care industry, the new rechargeable Insio Charge&Go AX ITC and ITE models redefine what custom hearing aids can offer experienced wearers. Tailor-made to suit each wearer’s individual ear anatomy, these custom devices’ slightly smaller design offers a fitting rate up to 10% higher than previous models and all-day comfort.

Contactless charging for effortless energy

These are the first custom hearing aids with contactless charging. Wearers simply place Insio Charge&Go AX in the Insio Charger without having to worry about any exact charging contact, charge them while resting or sleeping, and then go – true to their name. And keep going throughout the day with up to 20 hours of use on a single charge.

Android & iPhone connectivity for calls, music and TV

Insio Charge&Go AX also offer state-of-the-art Bluetooth connectivity for Android3 and iOS devices. So wearers can easily stream their phone calls, music and TV audio via their custom hearing aids.

They can also connect to the Signia app and its star attraction: the Signia Assistant with its live deep neural network AI for the most personalized augmented hearing experience.

contactless charger

Styletto AX

The new Styletto AX rechargeable hearing aid is a game-changer both in terms of sound and looks. Its award-winning SLIM-RIC hearwear design¹ has been optimized to be even smaller than its predecessor for an even more discreet fit. Styletto AX features our leading-edge Augmented Xperience platform – the first to offer outstanding speech clarity in an immersive environment thanks to our revolutionary Augmented Focus™ technology.

Signia Motion X

Signia Motion X is a revolutionary platform designed to help you focus on what’s important as you move through space. A motion sensor inside the hearing aid recognizes whether you are walking, turning your head to hear something, or speaking with someone in front of you. The program automatically adjusts depending on what your activity level may be, meaning that you have to reach less often to set your program for the environment you find yourself in. You can focus more on what’s important to you and less on what you need your hearing aids to do, because they’re already doing it!

Signia Motion

All Motion X hearing aids feature Bluetooth streaming, on-the-go charging, AI digital assistance, and automatic situation detection as core features. You can stream your favorite media from any device directly to your hearing aids, charge them from a battery-powered charging case, and get help from an AI digital assistant whenever you need it. What’s more, the batteries in the hearing aids last up to 61 hours without needing a charge!

A sleek, smaller redesign of the body of Motion X hearing aids means they’re even more comfortable to wear, while still offering enough power to provide amplification for severe hearing loss. And it’s not just increased volume you’ll get, but increased quality. The latest iteration of the Signia Xperience sound engine offers the most advanced prescription audio around in high-definition. Sounds are crisp, detailed, and enjoyable, whether you’re taking in the sound around you, conversing with someone, or enjoying media streamed directly to your hearing aids.

Motion X uses motion sensors and advanced computing technology to keep you focused on speech in any environment. Motion X zeroes in on the sound of speech, even while you’re moving, so conversing while sitting, standing, or even walking, with one person or in a group, is automatic and effortless. You’ll enjoy less fatigue in social situations and be able to keep up with the conversation as easily as someone with normal hearing!

Signia Assistant is an AI helper that lives in the Signia app, available for Apple and Android devices. Research indicates that 93% of users find the Signia Assistant helpful. Rather than simply offering a static set of features, the AI in Signia Assistant learns your preferences over time and becomes more helpful and easier to use as you interact with it. At times when only a human will do, the app gives you direct contact with your hearing healthcare professional.

Motion X is truly a platform for the 21st century, and another example of how Signia leads the charge in comprehensive hearing care. Be Brilliant with Signia!

Active/Active Pro X series platform

The Signia Active Pro earbuds bridge the gap between prescription audio and hearables. With a similar look to Airpods and other in-ear hearable devices, they function just like a set of wireless earbuds but with the added advantage of amplifying ambient sounds and employing Signia Xperience technology to give speech a boost over background sounds. You’ll enjoy seamless integration with iPhone and other Apple products, as well as Android devices, so streaming audio content and phone calls is a breeze.

Active Pro X

Signia Active Pro looks a lot more like a set of hearables than a set of hearing aids, and they’re designed to be used in much the same way. They come with a sleek on-the-go charging case, so you can carry them in your pocket and pop them in whenever you need them, just like a set of hearables. They’ll be fully charged and ready every time you reach for them!

The entry level Active offers clear sound and speech understanding, and adapts to all the situations you encounter. Upgrade to Active Pro for custom-tailored sound for your personal needs to increase speech intelligibility in any situation. Whether you’re in a busy office, a restaurant, or walking and talking down a crowded street, Active Pro will adjust to the needs of your environment with crystal clear sound and speech comprehension.

Both versions come standard with the Signia Assistant, integrated into the Signia app. A state-of-the-art virtual assistant that leans on AI to improve your experience as you use it, Signia Assistant will help optimize your sound for every real-life situation you encounter. It’s just one more way that Signia helps you Be Brilliant!

Signia Pure Charge & Go X

Based on the recently launched Signia Xperience platform, the Signia Pure Charge & Go X delivers superior hearing to wearers even when they are in motion – all in a sleek, rechargeable hearing aid.

It is the only rechargeable hearing aid with acoustic-motion sensors that deliver better hearing from any direction, even when driving.

A new inductive charger includes a protective casing that dehumidifies the hearing aids and fits custom earmolds.

The Pure Charge & Go X also provides Bluetooth connectivity in a new lightweight design, and the model is 16 percent smaller than the previous version while delivering 20 percent more battery capacity.

Signia Pure Charge and Go X
Signia Styletto X

Signia Styletto X

One of the most striking things about the Signia Styletto X's is its SLIM-RIC form factor. It provides a complete hearing experience by combining award-winning design, Signia Xperience's unmistakable sound and speech comprehension, exchangeable receivers, compact rechargeability, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Styletto X is the total package hearing aid perfect for someone who may not want to compromise their active lifestyle. Not only does Styletto X deliver a specific trendy form factor that 8 out of 10 people favor, but it combines this with YourSound technology and the first acoustic-motion sensors in the world for a clear understanding of speech even in noise. It also has interchangeable receivers for dealing with a wide variation of hearing losses.

A long history of research and innovation.

While the Signia line of hearing aids may seem like the newest brand on the market, a long history of research and innovation stands behind them. Now based in North America, Siemens’s work with audio amplification began in 1878 in Berlin, Germany with the development of new receivers for telephones. In 1913 Siemens began working in hearing aid technology and has grown into an industry leader. The long track record for Siemens audiology and hearing aid products includes the first behind-the-ear designs. Acting as Sivantos Group, research and development from a wide range of hearing and audio research came into the Siemens fold, improving technology and durability.
Signia hearing aids and device
Signia Xperience

Xperience: Signia's most advanced model yet

The Signia Xperience is Signia's most advanced model yet, featuring a new system that incorporates the world's first integration of sophisticated acoustic sensors with an integrated motion sensor. Signia Xperience hearing aids can comprehensively analyze the complex soundscape of the wearer, facilitating seamless modifications to the customized listening experience in front of and around the wearer.

While other hearing technologies are unable to adjust as the user travels around to various listening environments, with YourSound technology the Signia Xperience platform can fill quickly respond to changes in the sound environment.

Signia hearing aid

The model still boasts many of the ground-breaking features of Signia’s previous models, including:

  • Dynamic Soundscape Processing for complex sound and speech synthesis from any direction, in any situation – even when in motion.
  • Own Voice Processing for a more natural-sounding own voice during use.

With a track record of reliable performance, Signia is making its mark with smart, stylish, modern designs.

Signia Hearing aidWith a track record of reliable performance, Signia is making its mark with smart, stylish, modern designs. Their Styletto model revamps the standard of behind-the-ear hearing aids with a slender pendant design and luxurious brushed metal finishes. With their Silk model, they’ve created a ready-to-wear hearing aid with powerful features and focused sound processing.

Signia has also boosted the flexibility and power of all their hearing aids with the new X line of technology. They have also introduced sustainable rechargeability with models like the Charge & Go X that uses rapid wireless induction charging and long-lasting lithium ion batteries.

Signia products offer nuanced sound performance that uses patented microphone placement to help replicate the priorities of natural hearing. Speech and conversation are foregrounded while other noise is relegated to the background, making communication easier, even in noisy environments like parties or restaurants.

In this era of new connectivity, Signia also leads the field in digital streaming sound. Models are available that incorporate Bluetooth technology as well as direct audio streaming from smartphones and other digital devices. Signia also offers tinnitus relief options with most products, based around tinnitus neutralizing white noise options and their exclusive Notch Therapy for long-term tinnitus management.

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