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Hear Better Hawaii

Reconnect to the sounds of your life with Pacific Hearing Care.

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Closed Captions Cannot Express Everything

Reconnect to the sounds of your life with Pacific Hearing Care.

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Hearing Aids

Find the perfect device for your hearing needs.
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Hearing Aid Repair

From maintenance to fixes, we're here for you.
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Hearing Tests

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Hawaii's Premiere Hearing Health Specialist

Welcome to Pacific Hearing Care, Hawaii’s premiere hearing health specialist. With seven convenient locations across the islands, we specialize in every aspect of hearing healthcare. Pacific Hearing Care has helped thousands of people with their hearing over our two decades in business, and we’re ready to help you too.


Our friendly, dedicated staff go above and beyond to accommodate your needs.

Pacific Hearing Care has been providing hearing device solutions since 1994. We bring cutting-edge technology, various products, professional excellence to every client, and invest our full attention to understanding your needs to the fullest. We believe hearing is essential to ignite human emotion in order to spark a connection with family, friends, or love ones. That's why we strive to bring you the sound of life to enjoy all those small connections.
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Hearing Aid

A wide range of hearing solutions

At Pacific Hearing Care, we offer the latest high-tech hearing products in a variety of discreet shapes and sizes for you to choose from. We work with each individual based on the results of their exam and tailor the solution to make sure the fit is perfect for their needs.
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Audiologist and patient

Our Mission

Every hearing device we provide starts with a dream - your dream. And the first thing we do to discover that dream is listen to you.

We want to hear about your needs, goals, and expectations. Step-by-step, we select the best solution that’s most suitable to make it happen. We are critical with each and every step we take towards your goal in mind.

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"I'm always traveling because of work. I find it difficult to get an appointment to adjust my hearing aids. However, at Pacific Hearing Care, they have remote adjustments so they can fine tune my hearing aids anywhere in the world! Usually they get back to me within hours. I am glad I chose Pacific Hearing Care"

- P. Takeyama

Reconnect to Life by Treating Hearing Loss

We understand hearing loss and the toll it takes on a person’s quality of life. Untreated hearing issues diminish your social life, concentration, mood and even your earning power. Worse, untreated hearing loss has been linked to other serious health issues including depression and dementia. While most hearing loss is permanent, there’s good news: with hearing aids and assistive devices the negative effects of hearing loss can be effectively managed.

Think of everything your hearing connects you to - your family and friends, experiencing your favorite sports, music and entertainment and keeping you in the loop at work or at school. When our hearing is challenged, our experience of life is challenged too. Untreated hearing loss can cause us to fall behind or fall out of touch. Often, people with hearing loss withdraw from their favorite activities.

Hearing Aids Lineup

Taking care of your hearing loss works towards the betterment of your overall health, so it’s important to address changes to your hearing as early as when you detect them. The sooner you handle hearing issues, the easier it is to adjust to treatment. Even if you’ve delayed treating hearing problems for years, taking action still has great benefit. New studies have shown that hearing treatment offers people cognitive relief and improved health and focus.

Treating Hearing Loss in Hawaii

Over 20,000 people in Hawaii are facing significant hearing loss - are you one of them? Pacific Hearing Care can help. From in-depth personal consultations to comprehensive hearing testing to connecting you with solutions that work, Pacific Hearing Care is focused on your hearing health. Our hearing specialists our expert at fitting and programming your new hearing devices and adjusting and repairing issues to your existing hearing devices. With our seven convenient locations, there’s always a Pacific Hearing Care office nearby, so contact us to set up an appointment today!
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Are you ready to start your journey to better hearing?
Call us at 1-808-955-7366
Are you ready to start your journey to better hearing? Call us at 1-808-955-7366
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