Here are some of what our clients have said about their experience.
  • "Feels so comfortable. Like nothing is in my ear!"

    - B. Young

  • "Flexible scheduling. I have no problems with schedule appointments

    -F Okutani

  • "Now I can hear my grandson. Thank you Pacific Hearing Care!"

    -G Yokoyama

  • "I am truly grateful for the time Pacific Hearing Care has spent with me. Very professional."

    -E. Morgan

  • "Wow, I am blessed to have you help me hear better. I haven't heard my grand kids in so long."

    - M Sato

  • "Amazing"

    -D Ty.

  • "Oh my...I can hear you!"

    - S Johnson

  • "I have been extremely satisfied with the attention and care from Pacific Hearing Care. They treat me like family, spent time on adjusting my hearing aids, and they have great coffee!"

    -L. Leong

  • "I have never heard like this for along time. Perfection."

    -T. Hopkins

  • "I can hear more clearer, I feel more confident socializing with friends and family."

    - K. Yamaguchi

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