Hearing Aids


Features of Digital Hearing Aids

Basic digital hearing aids generally require the wearer to make some manual adjustments on their own. For example, the user may have to use a volume control button or wheel or using a small button to change into different listening scenarios.

In contrast, a premium or more advanced hearing aid responds automatically to changes in the listener's environment. Anytime you enter a room full of noise, the hearing aid is automatically responding and adapting to the scenario. The more advance hearing aid still have the manual adjustments feature, so the user can adjust if they wanted. As the level of the technology increases in hearing aids, so do the availability of advanced features. 

A Wide Range of Technology

A wide range of technology and a host of features are available in each hearing aid style. The cost of hearing aids generally depends on the technology, lifestyle, features, models, and budget. Today's digital hearing aids are typically offered in various levels such as basic or entry-level to advanced or premium-level. Within each level, different technology and features are available. 

Pacific Hearing Care recognizes that "quality counts," and provides the highest quality hearing aid instruments from labs that are reputable, have a proven track record of superior engineering, technology, and success. We are confident to find different technology and features that match your lifestyle.


When selecting a style the following is considered:
• The degree of the hearing loss
• Manual dexterity & visual abilities
• Budget
• Cosmetics
• Skin sensitivities
• Anatomical/medical considerations

Styles of hearing aids in Hawaii

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