Things to Consider When Buying New Hearing Aids

Things to Consider When Buying New Hearing Aids

At Pacific Hearing Care, we want you to be completely comfortable with your new hearing aids. We’ve got two decades of experience doing evaluations and helping people chose the correct hearing aid for their lifestyles. The first step towards better hearing health is the exam. It’s painless and will help us determine how to give you a better hearing experience overall. Here are some things to think about before buying hearing aids.

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Two is better

Unless you have single-sided hearing loss, you need two hearing devices because they transmit to each other and give you a better sound quality. It is more common that people experience bilateral hearing loss – hearing loss that affects both ears. And, in a different way, consider bringing a buddy to help you at your hearing aid fitting! There is a lot of information to absorb at your first appointment and you’re going to have a lot of questions. Two people can process a lot more information then one can. They may think of a question you might not have thought to ask. Then, the two of you can discuss what you learned to help you find the best pair of aids for your lifestyle!

Lifestyle Considerations

Are you a couch potato that just wants to hear the television better? Are you pretty tech savvy and you want to be able to Facetime with your family and friends? Are there life’s sounds that you are missing like children’s voices or birds chirping? Do you go to conferences or large-group gatherings regularly? Do you enjoy music and musical events? Are you having trouble with phone calls and processing what you are hearing? Are you a musician or an avid swimmer? Are you an athlete or do you spend a lot of time outdoors?

Take a look at your daily activities, your employment, your hobbies, and your listening needs. These factors will inform the type of hearing aid that is just right for you!

Consulting Your Audiogram

Have you had a hearing test recently? If not, then it’s important to take a hearing test to gauge your current abilities. Your hearing test is done in a sound-proof area with a hearing specialist at Pacific Hearing Care.

The audiogram will provide you visual information on your hearing abilities. The sound processing in each ear is charted separately to ensure that your new hearing aids can be calibrated specifically for your use. During your hearing aid fitting, we will demonstrate the advantages of getting hearing aids. We’ll talk about the different models and styles that would be beneficial for your specific hearing needs.  

Hearing Aid Styles & Features

When it comes to hearing aids, you’ll be surprised with the new aesthetics available. There are many different styles available on the market. Taking into account your hearing needs, there are different questions to ask yourself about fit, visibility, color, etc. Additionally, there are different battery options – traditional hearing aids use disposable batteries, while rechargeable hearing aids use a simple charging station. Feel free to ask us about the different makes, models, prices, and warranties available.

Check, check, sound check

Do some real-time and real-sound testing of your hearing aids in the office before you go. You want to make sure everything is working correctly. We can make adjustments right away, as well as in follow-up visits. Some hearing aids offer remote fine-tuning as well. We’re here to make sure that your listening experience is optimal, so our team is here to make as many adjustments necessary!

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Millions of Americans are dealing with hearing loss and studies show they wait three to five years before getting hearing aids. More than 20,000 people in Hawaii have hearing loss issues! Let Pacific Hearing Care help you keep enjoying the sounds of life.

We’ve got two decades of experience, and we live in the communities we serve. We pride ourselves on the attention to detail, and keeping up on technology that can assist you. We give our full attention to each client at the initial exam and during follow-ups, and we make sure you are comfortable with your hearing aids. Call today for a hearing evaluation.