Hearing Aids for the Holidays

Hearing Aids for the Holidays

5 Ways To Avoid Hearing Issues at Holiday Parties

If you suffer from hearing loss, the holidays can be particularly difficult. Many people avoid holiday parties altogether. However, hearing loss shouldn’t keep you from the enjoyment of holiday parties. Here are some tips that will help you survive the holidays when you suffer from hearing loss.

1. Have Your Hearing Tested

If you haven’t had your hearing tested in a while, start the holidays with a visit to your audiologist. You may have additional hearing loss that will need to be addressed before you leave for any extended vacations, or attempt to navigate holiday parties.
This is particularly important when you wear hearing aids. Outdated prescriptions may
not provide you with the hearing enhancement you need in crowded and noisy

2. Invest in a Wireless Hearing Aid

If you still wear a standard hearing aid, upgrade to a wireless model. Wireless hearing aids provide benefits that you can’t get from traditional hearing aids.

Decreased Background Noise
When you suffer from hearing loss, background noise is particularly bothersome.
Background noise keeps you from hearing the conversation that you’re involved in. Wireless hearing aids block out the background noise so that you can focus on the conversation.

Bluetooth Connectivity
Wireless capabilities provide blue-tooth connectivity that allows you to control your hearing aids through your smartphone. This allows you to change the volume settings on your hearing aid through your phone, rather than through the small buttons on your hearing aid.

Directional Microphone
If you wear dual hearing aids, they can’t always pick up the subtle changes in sound. Unfortunately, that means that the volume and sound quality will be the same in both ears, regardless of where the sound is coming from in the room. Wireless hearing aids provide a directional microphone that provides immediate adjustment. Directional microphones also provide adjustment between hearing aids.

3. Take Precautions at Holiday Parties

When you have issues with your hearing, you may need extra assistance to navigate holiday parties. Take advance precautions to help you avoid hearing-related issues while you mingle with the guests.

Choose Your Seating
If you have hearing loss, you know where you need to be to avoid problems. Meal time
can be particularly bothersome, especially if you’re seated in the wrong location.
Choose a seat that allows you to hear the conversations. If your host has pre-arranged
seats, talk to them about possible adjustments to accommodate your hearing loss.

Arrange a Signal
If you have plans to attend holiday parties with your partner, arrange a signal in
advance. This signal will help your partner know when they need to speak louder – or
even softer.

4. Give Your Ears a Time Out

When you suffer from hearing loss, your ears may become sensitive to loud noises. Unfortunately, most holiday parties tend to come with a lot of noise and loud revelry. If you find that your ears become sensitive during the holidays, give your ears a time out. Find a quiet place to go and give your ears a break for a few minutes.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for a Repeat

If your hearing loss causes you to miss out on key elements of the conversation, don’t be afraid to ask for a repeat. Often the opportunity to hear the statement a second time allows you to pick up what was missed the first time around. This is particularly true in situations where background noise is a problem.

Don’t let hearing loss interfere with your enjoyment of the holidays. Use the tips provided here to prepare yourself and your ears for the parties you’ll be invited to attend. If you have questions and concerns about your hearing aids, contact us at Pacific Hearing Care. We’re here to take care of all your hearing aid needs.