Hearing Aids

   Pacific Hearing Care recognizes that "quality counts," and provides the highest quality hearing aid instruments from Labs that are reputable, have a proven track record of superior engineering, technology, and success. Quality is never compromised when selecting hearing instruments, and most hearing aids provided by Pacific Hearing Care include a manufacturer's warranty, loss & damage coverage, new user introduction visits, and ongoing office visits (involving hearing aid adjustments and check-ups) are included for the duration of ownership.

  There are many different models we offer such as the Receiver in Canal (R.I.C), Customs (custom made ear canal hearing aid) and the traditional Behind the Ear (BTE) hearing aids here in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Custom Hearing Aids

These hearing are tiny, almost invisible, yet powerful and comfortable to wear. Each custom hearing aid is created from a mold of your ear canal, so they fit precisely in your ear and are easy to insert and remove. Size and shape of the ear canal along with the extent of hearing loss will determine the most suitable custom model hearing aid recommended for you. Custom models range from various model sizes (Invisible in the Canal (I.I.C), Completely in the Canal (C.I.C),In the Canal (I.T.C) and In the Ear (ITE). Custom hearing aids are recommended for a mild to moderately sever hearing loss.

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Receiver in the Canal
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    Small behind the ear hearing aid.

 Receiver in the Canal (R.I.C) models of hearing aids have a smaller housing that rest behind your ear. A thin discreet wire transmits the sound into the receiver directly into your ear canal. The R.I.C model is particularly small, light and inconspicuous. This makes R.I.C's ideal for wearers who would like a subtle solution that is powerful,  technologically advanced, and discreet to the public. Receiver in the Canal hearing aids are recommended for a mild to moderately severe hearing loss.

Behind the Ear
 Behind the Ear (B.T.E) models are ideal situation for people with severe- to-profound loss who are active and in high demands for hearing better. B.T.E hearing aids hook over the top of your ear and rest behind your ear much like the R.I.C models. With B.T.E, there is a slim tube that connects from the hook end of the hearing aid to your ear canal. From there on, the specialist will decide to include a custom ear mold of your ear or a dome based on your hearing loss.
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