Hearing Aid Brands


Searching for a hearing aid can be very confusing with literally hundreds of products to choose from. Our goal is to provide you a hearing aid that match your palette. Our licensed hearing aid specialist is well aware about different products of most manufactures. The specialist can determine which make and model is more suitable for you.

Following is a list of the world’s leading brands, with information about themselves and their latest flagship product (newest product).
signia hearing aids


Dating roots from 1878 in Germany, Signia developing better hearing for over 130 years. Signia, the new brand name for Siemens hearing aids is introducing primax smart hearing aids, the company’s latest in hearing technology. Signia’s primax is the world’s first technology clinically proven by independent studies to reduce listening effort throughout the day while providing better than normal hearing in challenging listening environments, like busy restaurants and cocktail party settings. Signia is one of the big six manufactures in the world.
Their latest flagship product is called Pure Cellion
resound hearing aids


A hearing technology based in Denmark, is taking the stigma out of wearing an aid with their smart hearing platform. ReSound provides effortless hearing, just as nature intended based on their smart hearing technology. The latest smart hearing technology combines original thinking and design with solid technology - all based on deep audiological insight and understanding of hearing aid users. In addition, they are Made for iPhone which does not need an accessory to stream audible sounds. ReSound is one of the big six manufactures in the world.
Their latest flagship product is called LiNX2™
phonak hearing aids


Swiss-based hearing instruments vendor Phonak has been committed to developing, producing,and distributing cutting-edge hearing solutions for more than 70 years. Phonak innovative hearing platform provides the user to enjoy life's rich landscapes of sound. Year after year Phonak has been creating groundbreaking technology such as creating the world's first single-sided deafness instruments and creating world's first lithium-ion battery operated hearing aids. Phonak is one of the big six manufactures in the world.
Their latest flagship product is called Audéo™ B-R
starkey hearing aids


Starkey is an American-owned and operated company founded in 1967 and based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. Starkey has a rich legacy of hearing aid innovation such as creating the first completely-in-the-ear hearing aid to Made for iPhone product for receiver-in-the-canal models. In addition, Starkey is known for their philanthropic endeavors. Founded in, 1973, Starkey Hearing Foundation is dedicated to building better lives for hearing-impaired people around the world. 
Their latest flagship product is called Halo 2
oticon hearing aids


Oticon, situated in Denmark, strives to be the leader in high performance hearing solutions, and to supply the most sophisticated technology and audiology possible. Oticon's BrainHearing™ technology uses an ultra-fast processor to deliver the most natural sound for you to hear. Their latest breakthrough with their Made for iPhone product & the world’s first hearing aid that connects to the internet via the If This Then That network with it's ON App. 
Their latest flagship product is called Opn


Widex is a Danish hearing aid manufacturer that started in 1956. Widex is family-owned operated and is the sixth largest hearing aid manufacture in the world. Widex is known for their sound gives wearers natural sound and comfortable listening in any environment. Recently, they developed a Made for iPhone capabilities for their hearing aid systems.
Their latest flagship product is called Beyond


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