Digital Hearing Aids


What are digital hearing aids?

Digital hearing aids are constantly sampling the sound in the environment at one million commands per second. The digital hearing aids then compares the environmental sounds to your level of hearing loss.

After series of calculations, the aids adjust accordingly to your hearing loss. This all happens automatically, the user does not have to adjust the volume since the sounds are automatically compressed to provide a smoother, clearer, and enjoyable experience.

Why chose digital hearing aids?

Digital hearing aids can be easily adjusted by a software. Unlike programmable analog hearing aids, the digital processor provides a far greater degree of fine tuning. This allows the specialist to provide a better sound processing in multiple sound environments – from a quiet library to a noisy restaurant. Best of all the digital hearing aids provide numerous features to optimize multiple sound environments (see down below).

Benefits of Digital Hearing Aids


Digital hearing aids are equipped with the latest technology to eliminated whistling or buzzing sounds without compromising performance


Enables your hearing aids to preform differently in specific environments. In result providing a more optimal performance for an active lifestyle.


Latest innovation in digital hearing aids provide a directional microphone. This new technology is able to target speech and reduce background noise


Digital processing sounds are based on the combined information from the left and right hearing aid. With the shared data, the hearing aids provides a more richer and clearer experience.


The latest advancements in digital hearing aids allows the user to connect directly and wireless to most media devices such as TV, radio, smartphones and computers.


This feature improves the users ability to hear better on the telephone or venues that have a hearing loop installed. Example of venues are the theaters and place of worship.


As a user continue to learn and adapt to new sounds, so does digital hearing aids. Digital hearing aids gradually and automatically learn your preferences in specific listening environments.


Noise Reduction and Speech Recognition Digital technology is design to enhance speech understanding in noisy environment. Digital hearing aids reduce noise by suppressing unwanted noise competing with speech.

Remote adjustments

Having the ability to fine-tune your hearing aids anywhere in the world with your smartphone! Send in a request to a specialist and they will further assist you on adjusting the hearing aids.

Take the first step towards better hearing

 Going through the hearing aid process is no easy task.  No matter how much you learn, finding the best hearing aids for your needs is best done with the support of an experienced professional. 

Discover the possibilities of digital hearing aids today with help from Pacific Hearing Care.
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