Common Misconceptions About Hearing Aids


"My hearing is fine."
Hearing loss can occur gradually and slowly. It is best to have your hearing evaluated annually.

"I can get along fine without a hearing aid."
One's quality of life greatly depends on how well one can hear. As loved ones and friends become more and more annoyed at having to repeat themselves, they tend to communicate less and less with a person that has a hearing loss. This can lead to a feeling of loneliness, isolation, and sadness for the hearing impaired person.
"I'm too beautiful/handsome to wear hearing aids"
Don't despair, very tiny and discreet hearing aid models are also available.

"Hearing aids make me appear old"
No, asking people to continually repeat themselves makes a person appear old.

"Hearing aids do not work."
Many of the older model hearing aids increased background noise too much. Also, an incorrect fit can cause discomfort and impede the performance of a hearing aid. Today's models are much more technologically advanced and have been improved upon and reduce or eliminate many of the problems presented by the older model hearing aids. In addition, the competence level of the hearing aid specialist determine your success as well.

"Hearing Aids are expensive."
Often new hearing aid users think they are only getting hearing aids. Unlike many hearing aid dealers and fitters, hearing aids purchased at Pacific Hearing Care include an exclusive post-fittings, training guide, no charge for office visits, and no charge for the service time provided for the life of the hearing aids. Moreover, financing is available for those who qualify.

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